How We Built the GOES Reception Project

How We Built the GOES Reception Project Building our functional GOES 16 receiver was a process of broad web research and cobbling together the experiences of many other successful experimenters. We found lots of individual articles on antenna selection, software, and many other topics, but nothing that really pulled everything together. Hopefully this article will provide a comprehensive overview of our project. If you've found other tips that were useful or have questions or comments about the project, please leave them in the Comments box below and we'll try to reply when possible.  Thanks to the many experimenters whose work we copied and implemented in making this project work.
Location (QTH) Our station is located at the "clubhouse" of the Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club, located in Mullica Hill New Jersey. The clubhouse provides a dedicated location for radio experimentation and radio operations, complete with a 100 foot tower for VHF antennas, a 55 foot …

ADS-B Aircraft Reception at the GCARC Clubhouse

Many aircraft today carry ADS-B beacons that transmit their location along with other identifying information. This is transmitted on 1090 mhz and can be decoded by an SDR radio and software on a Raspberry Pi computer. The team at FlightAware uses this data for aircraft tracking and displays it on an annotated map that's accessed from the Pi.  We've set up such a station at the GCARC clubhouse and the map can be viewed by pointing a web browser (cell phone, computer, etc.) to once you're on the clubhouse wifi. This shows planes whose ADS-B beacons have been received by the SDR receiver in the satellite/VHF room, and you can look up in the sky at the clubhouse, spot a plane and locate it on the ADS-B map. You can also click on the plane ID and get a link to information about that flight. Pretty cool - not exactly ham radio but hopefully still cool to see a local implementation of this system.

GOES Satellite Reception Project

We're getting interested in listening to the GOES geosync weather satellites, so this page is a collection of links to help get started with that project. We'll report on progress as it happens.

Detailed article:

Good building options:

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Link to antenna pointing from W2MMD:

Info on GOES 16, the east-coast satellite:…